Saturday, August 8, 2009


I'm going to start posting here again.

Lately the crime headlines have been so out of control. Babies killed by rats, kids shot up by cops, college kids kidnapped and shot in an abandoned house. (Fitzgerald and Calyisse. I won't forget.)

Health reform is being derailed by modern day fascists. Most people in the US could care less that we spent far too much comparatively for worse health outcomes, while leaving out 47 million people. The unchallenged doctrine of American exceptionalism continues to rot our nation.

The city seems paralyzed until the next mayoral election. On the plus side, I'm seeing a spattering of road construction lately. I will sure be glad when both lanes of Pontchartrain Blvd are open again. Bike lanes on St. Charles sound promising, too, but they need to go all the way to Canal. The potholes (giant sinkholes, let's be honest) I hated on Napoleon got filled just as I started to complain about them out loud to other people.

Michigan has an unemployment rate of well over 20% (U6).

My life has been great, though. I got a new job. I found a much better apartment. I replaced my stolen bike. I'm healthy. It seems wrong to take pleasure in the fact that I'm doing well, when so many are not. I'm not sure how to feel about this.

I'm participating in Infinite Summer. It's well worth it. Since the move, I haven't had a television, and my brain is so 'googled' that I've nearly lost the ability to read fiction for pleasure. I'm not saying that Infinite Jest is consistently pleasurable to read; it's challenging and difficult, and the disjointed narrative is an additional hurdle I didn't anticipate. However, the book is seriously blowing my mind. When David Foster Wallace committed suicide last fall, I felt a vague sadness despite only having read one of his short stories in a McSweeney's compilation. I stumbled upon his Kenyon College commencement speech without realizing it was the same author. Then I bought IJ and struggled to actually start it, when I stumbled upon Infinite Summer through, I believe, an Ezra Klein post.
Slowly, my brain is becoming less googled. I don't miss television that often. I still catch The Daily Show on Hulu.

2009 has been a good year. It's going to keep getting better. I plan to write about it. DFW is inspiring me to sharpen my grammar and analytical capabilities. I will try to be articulate.


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Way to start blogging here again. Here's a thought: alias' rule.

Anonymous said...

Has Louisiana Denied the existence of the "Dead Zone" so that they don't have to clean it up or regulate the Oil business?

Check this out, Is this true, That Louisiana won't admit we have Dead Zone? Why? We need some investigative Reporting..

Anonymous said...

The "islands" made in the Gulf to protect Louisiana's sensitive marshland are already failing \

Jindal WASTED OUR TAX dollars on Grandstanding and Bullshit!

WTF? WTF? Listen to the experts and the scientists next time!!!